When I first arrived in Antarctica on New Year’s Eve in 2009, I was humbled. The vast ocean, the towering icebergs, the magnitude of what it meant to be human in a place so hostile and yet so beautiful — it left me in awe of the little blue space dot we call home. I hadn’t felt that kind of wonder or had that kind of perspective in a while, and it never really went away. For more than a decade now, that is what I’ve worked to capture and share in my images and stories — an unexpected sense of scale that juxtaposes what we feel with what we know.

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GeoEx, 2019; Best Women’s Travel Writing, 2020; Solas Award Grand Prize Bronze, 2019; We push through a sea of people and cows, the dust and smog swirling red and heavy, giving the scene around us the hazy air of a vintage photograph. A calf chews languidly on a banana as flies buzz around its head. […]

AFAR, September 16, 2019 From childhood, “Endurance,” the classic story about Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated trip to cross the White Continent on foot, ignited a thirst for adventure. As an adult, I got to visit—and every trip left its mark. The First Expedition, 2010A tangerine moon rose full and bright, floating over the folds and peaks […]

Adventure Collection, 2017Solas Award for Best Travel Writing 2018 The ship pitches and rolls across the Drake Passage. I brace myself and look out at the deep, velvet blue of the ocean, relishing the feeling of my stomach dropping as though at the precipice of a rollercoaster, waiting for the horizon to disappear. I turn […]

Iron Horse Literary Review, 2018Solas Award for Best Travel Writing 2017 Some names have been changed.             Useless. I wiped at my sunglasses with my dirty hands, trying to clear the droplets that settled on the lenses. The water smeared and streaked, creeping into dust filled crevices and turning to mud. It became even harder […]

Polar bear feeding on a seal in Svalbard, Norway.

Hidden Compass, Summer 2018Notable Mention, Best American Travel Writing 2019Solas Award for Best Travel Writing 2019 There were flies in its fur — not many, just enough to remind me that even up here in this harsh environment, nature cleans up after itself. I got on my knees and looked closely at the bear. It […]

As a photographer, journalist, and explorer with strong academic roots, I tell detail-rich stories grounded in research that build connections to the past, the future, and the planet.
As an editor and the co-founder of Hidden Compass, I help others navigate a similar path.

...and that is the uncomfortable reality of nature: that it is indescribable beauty and arbitrary destruction.

...and that is the uncomfortable reality of nature: that it is indescribable beauty and arbitrary destruction.

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