As a photographer, journalist, and explorer with strong academic roots, I tell detail-rich stories grounded in research that build connections to the past, the future, and the planet.
As an editor and the co-founder of Hidden Compass, I help others do the same.

I Work With

publications to tell immersive stories in words and images that challenge, inform, and inspire their readers;

writers and photographers who are looking for unique strategies to elevate their craft, as well as an editorial navigator to help them tell a compelling, impactful story;

and institutions and professionals, particularly in the legal field, who want to understand why stories work, and how to use stories to better advocate for their clients, their positions, and themselves.




In an era of shrinking budgets, the days of sending a separate writer and photographer on assignment seem to be all but over, but writers aren’t photographers and photographers aren’t writers — except when they are. As an award-winning photographer and an award-winning writer, I produce high-quality, thoroughly researched, illustrated stories for print and online publications.

Let's Collaborate

Photography + Journalism

The world through the eyes of a writer can look very different than through the eyes of a photographer, but if you can see the world through both, you have an opportunity to bring something special to your craft. I teach several writing and photography workshops throughout the year with Hidden Compass, Muench Workshops, and various camera clubs and literary organizations. 

Photography + Writing Instruction



01. The Literary Journalist” Hidden Compass workshop – a four-week virtual workshop for writers of all levels that want to work on weaving together detail-rich scenes and compelling research to tell stories that transport and inform.

02. For upcoming Muench Workshops trips to Big Bend State and National Parks in Texas, click here.

Upcoming classes and workshops

01. Hidden Compass signature joint writing and photography workshops in Big Sur and Stinson Beach, CA, and in Paris, France.

02. Photography Masterclasses in dark sky photography, landscape photography, and travel photography.

Past classes and workshops

The world turns on stories. But as we progress through our professional educations and careers, the art of storytelling is often trained out of us. With it goes the most powerful tool of advocacy we have in our arsenal. Thankfully, it’s never too late to become a better storyteller.

Storytelling for Lawyers + other Professionals

When we’re in a project, whether a coffee table book or a nonfiction narrative, it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds. We’ve all been there, but a good editorial consultant can help you find your way out. Every project is different, but as an editorial consultant, my goals are to  help you navigate the path you’re on (or find the right path),  preserve your style, and make sure you’re reaching your intended audience.

Editorial Consulting



01. “Storytelling for Social Justice” at the University of Pennsylvania Law School — a day-long, interactive workshop for 60+ members of the law school's Public Interest Service Corps that focused on the structure of stories, the science of storytelling, identifying and understanding audiences, ethical storytelling, and developing personal vision/mission stories. 

02. “Storytelling and the Law” at Santa Clara University School of Law — a 1.5-hour virtual clinic presentation focused on the importance and mechanics of storytelling, understanding audience, and the ethics of telling client stories.

All classes and workshops are designed for and tailored to the needs, interests, and concerns of the audience.

Past classes and workshops include

"Sivani is a powerhouse."

Sivani is a powerhouse. Her presentation on Storytelling and the Law was unlike anything I've heard, combining science, psychology, history, and literature to inspire my law students to think outside the box. Sivani is skilled at engaging her audience and left me and my students wanting to hear more.

- Heidi Kim

Lecturer, Santa Clara University School of Law
Staff Attorney, Start Small Think Big

"You are a dream editor, Sivani!"

You held space when I stumbled and listened when small details needed to be negotiated (the infamous raven "kwok" in particular!)…
Your talent amplified and refined mine, which is exactly how editing should work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Amanda Castleman

Love in a Time of Abundance 
Hidden Compass (Spring 2019)
Winner Lowell Thomas Silver and Solas Awards Grand Prize Silver for Best Travel Story of the Year

"...collaborative masterpiece"

Working with [Sivani] was such an ease and joy and collaborative masterpiece in its own right…My piece gained power, beauty, and coherence. She saw me, she respected my style, she made it all shine and somehow kept a temperamental writer content the whole time.

- Chase Nelson

“Dark Train to Cusco” 
Hidden Compass (Winter 2019)
Notable Mention Best American Travel Writing and Solas Awards Grand Prize Bronze for Best Travel Story of the Year

Exploration Endures

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